Institute of Higher Consciousness

The modern science of Physics is beginning to discover what Shamans and Mystics have been experiencing for thousands of years; namely, that reality is a matter of perception. It is a fluid, malleable projection dependent on the perception and intention of the perceiver. According to the modern science of physics and the ancient mystical sciences, the Universe is a Holographic Projection and the Human Mind is a Holographic Projector.

The Institute of the Higher Consciousness is an online resource for all who wish to become aware of their abilities as a co-creator of reality.

Until recently, many of these energy and awareness enhancing technologies were shrouded in secrecy and superstition. They were only available to a privileged few. In the current age of information however, many of these powerful techniques are being revealed to the public for the first time. For the first time in history, we are able to draw from “forbidden” knowledge from numerous cultures and traditions.

Feel free to browse our online campus.

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